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Lots of individuals have a wooden floor in their home that’s been down for 6-10 years that’s looking tired, dull, has stains or scratches in and has certainly seen better days. Most individuals know that parquet flooring or unique flooring planks can be sanded back to earn a lovely finished flooring, but what to do with a fitted hardwood flooring is somewhat more confusing. Well this little guide can shed some light on the issue. Firstly you need to determine which sort of flooring you have, and most importantly it is wood. If your flooring is a wood effect laminate then I am afraid the only alternative would be to replace it. Laminate flooring comes in varying level of quality, but the majority of the time it is basically a wood effect printing stuck into either an MDF or plywood board with a lacquer on top, sanding it might sand off the print and destroy the ground.

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Also make certain your floor is not a wood effect vinyl, they have become highly common in recent years due to their apparently low maintenance qualities, they are extremely easy to clean but as soon as they are looking dull and old or scratched, sadly the only choice is to replace. There are two types of engineered hardwood flooring; engineered and solid wood flooring and the great news is, the two can be sanded and sanded to look as fresh as the day they were fitted. Engineered wooden flooring can sometimes be confused for laminate because it has a similar structure. Engineered flooring york, has a thin layer of wood, typically between 3-5 mm bonded to a foundation of either MDF or ply board, due to its construction and that it is fitted using a tongue and groove, additionally, it stays very flat. This means if sanded properly you should need to sand off less than a millimeter, so the floor can typically be sanded up to 3 times.

 If your flooring is solid wood flooring it will have a very similar look to engineer onto the surface, but it will be constructed entirely of a single piece of wood from the surface to the foundation. Engineered wood flooring is more costly to create and will inevitably cost more to purchase, but in my estimation it is not quite as great a product as engineered because it is more prone to warping. Engineered and solid Wood flooring can be fitted in a lot of ways usually dependent on the form of sub-floor. If the flooring is fitted directly onto the floor joists, then it will most likely be secret nailed A floor mailer can be used to drive a nail above the tongue and to the joist, this produces a very good floor and will feel like first floor boards.